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Formulated Detergents


Neutral Detergent (pH 7.1)

  • Precision Cleaning Application: Medical Device. Metals, optics, HDD
  • Surface Tension @ 1.0% conc (dynes/cm): 31.6
  • Cloud Point @ 1.0% conc (OC): 56.5

Industry Applications

Formulated for cleaning materials that are sensitive to acidic or alkaline detergents. Ion-free formula. Leaves a completely contaminant-free surface with proper rinsing. Precision cleaning of intraocular (IOL) silicone lenses.

Contaminants for Removal

Hydrocarbon films, mold release, wax, various polishing slurries, light oils. Organics including oils, cutting fluids, polishing compounds, and particles.


All metals including aluminum, brass, copper

Application Method



A unique blend of surfactants that provides a neutral pH detergent formulated for cleaning materials that are sensitive to acidic or alkaline detergent formulations and contains no anions

“The technical and R&D support that Valtech has supplied us with over the years has been instrumental in our growth and quality control. The quality and consistency of the consumables they supply us, as well as the reliability of scheduled deliveries has earned them an A+ in our vendor ratings.”

Keith Robinson, CEO


"Disk drives are unique within the electronics industry in that they must maintain and extremely clean internal environment throughout their operational life. Valtech was successful in delivering uniquely qualified surfactant systems for both metal and polymer-based drive components. The qualification phase was aided by a top tier R&D center, and the switch to full production was backed up by great customer support as well as trouble-free worldwide distribution."

Joe Hanke, PhD, Executive V.P., Material Science

Western Digital Corporation

“I cannot thank the team at Valtech enough for the recent support and technical expertise with our most challenging precision cleaning task to date. Not only did they spend the onsite/hands on time learning about our needs first person, but the solution they delivered was 100% on target and met our customer's requirements completely. Top notch outfit and I highly recommend them to anyone in any high-tech industry where the smallest particles matter.”

James Sydor, President

Sydor Optics, Inc.

“Our company has been a customer of the Valtech Corporation for over 10 years. As a quality and environmental professional, my responsibility is to drive organization excellence within my company. I place a premium on great customer service. Recently we were faced with an environmental challenge due to our Industrial Wastewater Permit. Valtech’s customer and technical services professionals resolved the issue very quickly, and in the process, made me feel like I was their most important customer.”

Michael Merritt, Quality & Environmental Manager

Gunze USA

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